Commercial Garages

We build commercial garages that work the way you need your business to work

A full-service builder for your commercial garage

The commercial garage that’s right for your business is as unique as your business itself. The type of equipment that you keep in your garage is often equally important as the vehicles in dictating how the building will be used. As a builder of commercial garages around Connecticut and Massachusetts, we know how to ask the important questions that will help make the project a success — and have the experience not to waste your time or complicate the process with questions that don’t matter.

LaRoche Builders offers nearly all the building services your commercial garage project will call for. This means fewer (or no) sub-contractors involved for a more efficient and cost-effective construction process. Even if you need to clear land for your new commercial garage, our full excavation services can take care of business and keep the project moving. We have seen how the right commercial garages can make a big difference for companies from all types of industries or government departments: we can make that difference for you.

We are ready and waiting to speak with you about your commercial garage construction plans: call us today at 860-851-8800.