Post and Beam Homes

Creating post and beam homes using timeless craftsmanship and contemporary technology

Post and Beam Residence   The open rooms and bright, airy spaces of a post and beam home is something that many families find especially welcoming and elegant. At LaRoche Builders, builders of post and beam homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts since 1986, we understand the appeal. From proper engineering to the finished details, we have the experience and expertise to bring these qualities to life in the home style that you envision.

Your post and beam home is waiting
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In most cases, the post and beam homes we build are new construction. However, the post and beam style can work effectively with an addition even if the original home has a different architectural style. What our customers find out working with us is that, as a full service builder, we have all the areas of expertise to help you effectively plan your building project to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and beautiful. This full range of services lets us work more efficiently, to give you the best post and beam home possible for your investment.

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