Insurance Claims

How we help property owners recover from accidents
or damage

Commercial Building   It is not unusual for a builder to be called to evaluate a repair to a home or commercial structure that relates to an insurance claim. What is unusual is for that builder to have the experience, expertise, and professional courtesy to take the time to assess and advise the property owner on all the ways in which their insurance coverage may enable them to recover from the damage incurred.

As established professionals with familiarity with all phases of interior and exterior building and repair, LaRoche Builders can help you determine the most prudent way to pursue your insurance claim. A roofer may not be able to tell you about damage to your siding. A carpenter making an estimate on your porch may not understand what damage to your foundation looks like.

If you are looking for an estimate relating to damage that may fall under your insurance coverage, please call us at 860-851-8800.