Kitchens and Bathrooms

A kitchen or bathroom renovation can completely change the way you enjoy your home

Kitchens   Kitchens say more about the occupants of a house than probably any other room in the house. So it is important for a homeowner considering a kitchen renovation to work with a builder who knows how to listen to their needs, and has the experience to offer constructive recommendations. Also, a kitchen renovation project needs to be completed quickly so that there is minimal disruption to home life. LaRoche Builders has the resources, expertise, and professionalism to bring the kitchen of your dreams to life — and to give you a useful, practical room that fits the way you live.

Building custom kitchens and bathrooms throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Improving the appearance and appointments of a bathroom is often one of the first renovation projects undertaken when people move into a new house. They want their bathrooms to reflect their style, to comfortably fit their needs, and to add a degree of pampering to their home experience — sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Designing and building custom bathrooms has been a part of how we have served homeowners in Connecticut and Massachusetts for nearly 25 years. Give us the chance to show what our experience can mean to you.

While furniture can be moved from room to room or easily replaced, the appointments in a bathroom are more permanent. That’s why working with an experienced builder who listens and can make knowledgeable recommendations can make the process more efficient in the short term. And more satisfying in the long term. The custom bathrooms we design and build are tailored to each homeowners’ desires with quality materials and fixtures that will stand the test of time.

Because we are a full-service builder, we can efficiently manage and complete all the elements that may be involved in developing your custom kitchen or bathroom. Whether there is demolition of internal walls or an addition to the footprint of the house to accommodate the new space you want, we can take care of it all. Even the crucial fine details of finish work that makes your new kitchen sparkle is part of what LaRoche Builders can offer.

A lot of decisions go into finishing a custom bathroom: rely on our expertise and professionalism to make your vision a practical — and fabulous — reality. Call 860-851-8800 today!