Additions and Renovations

Additions and Renovations can give new life to the home you know and love

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Building homes has taught us that every family has specific needs and wants—whether early planning an expansion or during the actual construction. Better yet, in the fine details of completing the work to match the rest of the home style. LaRoche Builders will work closely with homeowners to make your addition is 100% the type of living space you need.

Additions can be many shapes and sizes.

An addition that includes expanding kitchens and adding baths requires specific talents and trades to complete. When additions involve exterior spaces like decks and garages, they may call for something slightly different. As a full-service builder, LaRoche Builders has all the knowledge you need to make the process of adding an addition as stress-free as possible.

Renovation and home addition projects should reflect who you are!


Homeowners considering a big remodel frequently have worries about the disruption to their home life that will be involved. However, it doesn’t matter the addition type, and we work around your busy life schedule to make it easier for you. LaRoche has been completing remodels across Connecticut and southern Massachusetts. Because we are a full-service builder, we can confirm the politeness and professionalism of workers involved with the home. We also have the scope of resources needed to deal with every one of the subtleties of a home redesign.

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Although some renovations have practical concerns, others invest in a home they love to turn into a home they can live in forever. We take the time to learn about the goals you have for your renovation. We can use our talents to recommend the most efficient and effective way to realize your dream with your goals.

With the resources of LaRoche Builders behind you, now is the time to put the renovation and home addition plans you’ve been thinking about into action!

From the site, evaluation to design planning to the finish carpentry, let us put our experience building additions to working for you: call 860-851-8800 today.