Construction or renovations on churches requires tremendous care

In Connecticut and Massachusetts, as throughout New England, historic churches are a part of nearly every city and town. Maintenance and repair to these buildings, which often have such significance to the community, is vital to their longevity. LaRoche Builders has the resources and experience to manage and complete church renovation or expansion with appropriate attention to detail.

New church construction calls for timeless quality 

Just as an older church may require unique renovation or improvement, a growing community seeking to build a new church requires a unique understanding from the builder it selects. Because LaRoche Builders is a full-service builder, we have insight into all aspects of the building and development process. Including but not limited too excavation services when new ground is being broken.

Please call us today at 860-851-8800 or send an inquiry at contact-us. We are familiar with the budgetary and denominational concerns that play such an important part in the construction or renovation of a church.