Excavation work generally involves removing soil or rock from a site to form an open face, hole, or cavity using tools, machinery, or explosives. In the world of construction, it can be much more than hauling dirt around, and this responsibility can include site preparation, grading, trenching, and many other soil-related tasks. And, yes, we operate some substantial pieces of heavy equipment, and we can do most of the work ourselves. There is virtually no subcontracting when it comes to LaRoche’s services. We are the all-service builder for all over your projects.

From massive land clearing to leveling small plots of land, LaRoche can help. We have done massive commercial excavations to small swimming pool pad digs. No matter what type of project, and LaRoche can do it all. We even have this short video to show a small example of how LaRoche can handle any time of expansion. Including a barn, garage, business, or home, there is no limit to the types of excavation that LaRoche can assist with.

LaRoche has done many digs throughout the years, don’t let the significant dig stress you out. Give LaRoche a Call today will all of your Excavation needs! 860-851-8800