LaRoche Builders is a full-service builder based in Stafford, Connecticut, with decades of experience in construction and renovation. Working within Connecticut and southern Massachusetts, LaRoche can complete any Commercial Construction Project. Whether it is a utilitarian structure, welcoming retail, hospitality environment that is needed, we have the knowledge and resources your business can rely on. No matter what stage your construction project is — site evaluation, building design, permitting, clearing land — we can assist you in moving it forward to  completion.

Among the resources we can provide to a commercial construction or renovation project is complete excavation services. Because we are full-service builders, We do not have to rely on as many sub-contractors as many general contractors do. The Subcontractors that we use are reliable, skilled, and emit the LaRoche way of construction. This provides us with a closer connection and a firmer undertanding of the projects expectations with our contractors and skills men. With these sets of skills give we have greater control over progress and costs so that your construction is more likely to finish on time and within budget.

Optimize Functionality and Adaptability

When it comes to your company, projects, sales, invoices, they all have to follow specific guidelines. Going with the best of the best is the main goal for every company. LaRoche tends to go deep into details with the overall satisfaction factor when it comes to any build. Anything we can do to make it the most in-depth process done your businesses appearance, we got it. So you’d only want the best working for the best. Don’t hesitate when it comes to your Commercial Constructions; make sure you call LaRoche for all of your business renovations, constructions, and remodels. We are able and ready to help your business grow and thrive! Call us at 860-851-8800 today!