Foundation Replacements

Elevate Your Property's Stability with Expert Foundation Replacements

Who is Affected

A solid foundation is key to having a solid structure. Many homeowners that constructed houses in northeastern Connecticut between 1983 and 2015 are discovering that their foundations are crumbling. This is due to an iron sulfide mineral in the concrete called pyrrhotite. When exposed to water and oxygen, it causes the concrete to swell and crack. This bad batch of concrete affected many counties such as:

  • Tolland
  • Windham
  • Hartford
  • some properties in southern Massachusetts

Cracks and Leaks

Cracks and leaking can both be signs of foundation issues. This has caused panic among community members who fear losing their homes from deterioration. If you are concerned that your home’s foundation could be in danger due to the iron sulfide mineral pyrrhotite, you need to have a CORE test done to determine the integrity of the concrete. If you aren’t exactly sure you want to start with a CORE test, we suggest calling us in to take an overall look at the foundation.  We always recommend making out the cracks you are concerned about and seeing if they are spreading or crumbling after the CORE test to keep an eye on the foundation itself.

We Can Help!

This is something LaRoche Builders LLC can help you with. We work closely with engineers doing these tests and can help you find one that fits your needs. If the test results show your basement needs repair or a complete foundation replacement, we can be there to guide you through every step. With dozen foundation replacements and repairs on your roster, we have no issues helping even the most unique shaped foundations. We guarantee satisfaction and safety.  Whether the foundation will be repaired in sections or at once, LaRoche Builders is an expert in getting the job done.